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The all-round carefree panel

Continuous monitoring of drinking water made easy

The Frasnacht water treatment plant relies on analytical panels from Endress+Hauser to monitor the drinking water treatment process. The panels are clearly laid out, easy to use and extremely reliable – and apart from an
annual service by Endress+Hauser service technicians, they’re completely maintenance-free.

Water analysis in water treatment plant Frasnacht ©Endress+Hauser

More than happy with the analysis panel: Rolf Bügler, Water Supervisor at the WTP Frasnacht.

Water Treatment Plant Frasnacht, Switzerland ©Endress+Hauser

Inside view of the water facility in Frasnacht, Switzerland.


  • Accurate, stable and reproducible measured values guarantee maximum drinking water quality.

  • Trouble-free operation:The purified water panel has provided reliable measurements for almost two years without a hitch.

  • Easy to use:The measuring points are compact and laid out clearly on a panel. The measurements and calibrations of all parameters run together in one transmitter.

  • Completely hassle-free: Maintenance required only once a year by Endress+Hauser Service.

Rolf Bügler

I can summarize my experience of the panel in three words: Fault-free, maintenance-free, perfect.

Rolf Bügler, Water Supervisor
Regionale Wasserversorgung St. Gallen

The Challenge

Several critical parameters are monitored continuously in the freshly extracted raw water as well as the purified water. Measurement results must be reliable, as the water supervisor will intervene in the water treatment process only if the measured values indicate that this is necessary. “We expect a measuring point to deliver accurate, stable and reproducible values, to run reliably and be easy to operate”, the water supervisor at the water treatment plant says.

Our solution

An analysis panel was deployed as a compact solution for the measurement of key parameters ranging from temperature, conductivity and pH to turbidity and SAC. The panel was custom-built to meet the customer’s exact requirements. It was supplied with all sensors and measuring devices already installed, thus ensuring straightforward and easy commissioning. Since then, two panels have been deployed for purified water monitoring and one for raw water monitoring.

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