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Liquiline CM44P - Multichannel transmitter for process photometers and Memosens sensors

Multichannel transmitter
Liquiline CM44P

Multiparameter device for process photometers and Memosens sensors

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  • Measuring principle

    UV absorbance

  • Application

    Transmitter for process photometer and Memosens sensors

  • Characteristic

    Robust plastic housing
    All non-ex applications

  • Measurement range

    0 to 2.5 AU
    Max. 50 OD (depending on the optical path length)
    0 to 3 AU
    0 to 6 OD (depending on the optical path length)
    0 to 200 FTU
    0 to 200 ppm DE
    0 to 4 AU
    0 to 8 OD (depending on the optical path length)

  • Design

    1 or 2 process photometer, 0 to 4 Memosens Input
    2 to 8x current output, alarmrelay, 4x relay, SD card for software update and copy & paste of setup

  • Material

    Housing base and DIN rail housing: PC-FR
    Housing seal and display seal: EPDM

  • Ingress protection

    Cabinet device: IP20 shock protection
    External display: IP66
    Field device: IP 66/67