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Heartbeat Technology

Taking the pulse of your measurement

You would like to increase your plant availability and reduce costs? Heartbeat Technology guarantees permanent diagnostics and verification without process interruptions. It ensures a cost-efficient and safe plant operation during the entire life cycle. A broad range of Endress+Hauser devices with Heartbeat Technology is available, which combines diagnostic, verification and monitoring functions for process optimizations.

  • Heartbeat Technology for flow, level, analytic and temperature devices

  • Heartbeat Technology - Diagnostics, Verification, Monitoring ©Endress+Hauser


  • Heartbeat Diagnostics

    Standardized diagnostic messages with clear instructions facilitate an efficient and status-oriented maintenance. Permanent self-diagnostics of the instrument enable a safe plant operation with extended verification cycles.

  • Heartbeat Verification

    A guided verification procedure without interruption of the process achieves documented verification results. The automatically generated verification protocol supports the evidence required for regulations, laws and standards.

  • Heartbeat Monitoring

    Trend recognition for predictive maintenance is easy to achieve with the provided instrument and process data. With a combination of device and process parameters you analyze targeted process optimization.

Instruments with Heartbeat Technology extend proof test cycles significantly and deliver standardized diagnostic messages for economical maintenance. Verification occurs directly in the measuring point without process interruption in order to reduce verification efforts. Monitoring data facilitates predictive maintenance for further optimizations of the process. Heartbeat Technology provides easier and better control of your measuring points.


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