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Mourning Klaus Riemenschneider

Former president of the Endress+Hauser Supervisory Board has passed away

The Endress+Hauser Group is mourning the death of Klaus Riemenschneider. The longtime president of the Supervisory Board passed away at the age of 77. He began his career with Endress+Hauser in 1971 in Maulburg, Germany as a young business manager in market research. He later moved to controlling and helped establish the Swiss holding company. In 1979, he became the Group’s chief financial officer and then assumed global responsibility for human resources in 2001.

As the right-hand man and confidant of company founder Georg H Endress, Klaus Riemenschneider played a decisive role in the development of the company for many decades. He influenced the strategic course and is considered the architect of the Group’s modern structure. He served as a coach and mentor to generations of managers at Endress+Hauser.

Klaus Riemenschneider enjoyed a stellar reputation within the company and earned the trust of the shareholder family. When the Group set up a Supervisory Board alongside the Executive Board in 2002, Klaus Riemenschneider was appointed president, a position he held until the end of 2013. For three decades he was also involved in the Georg H Endress Foundation, of which he was president until the end. Here he supported the region’s universities and cross-border cooperation.

Klaus Riemenschneider (1943–2020) ©Endress+Hauser

Klaus Riemenschneider (1943–2020)

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