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Family business

Sharing success

Endress+Hauser is the largest family-owned business in the process automation industry. It would be hard to imagine the success of our company without the cohesion of the Endress family. The proprietors do their utmost to ensure the company’s stability and continuity.

The Endress family in 2015. © Endress+Hauser

The company founder’s eight children and their families each hold a twelve percent share in the company. An additional four percent has been placed in the non-profit Georg H Endress Foundation. Amongst other activities, the foundation supports young people in finding their feet in their careers. It is also involved in cross-border cooperation in the region around Basel.

Since the company founder’s death in 2008, the foundation has continued to honor his social commitments.

The family charter

The Endress family has drafted a charter regulating their relationship with the company and between the family members. The Endress family charter is designed to promote family bonds, to introduce younger members of the family to the business and to prevent any disagreements among members of the family from affecting the company. For instance, the charter outlines under which conditions and in which position family members can work for the company.

Long-term success

The charter is a clear declaration: set for long-term sustainable success, Endress+Hauser is to remain in family ownership as an independent and autonomous business.

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