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The Endress+Hauser magazine ‘changes’

How sustainability leads to new growth

With the Endress+Hauser Global Forum under the motto "Insights for sustainable decisions", we have taken the anniversary year as an opportunity to set an example for the future. In this issue of our company magazine "changes", we therefore take a close look at the question of how the sustainable transformation of the economy can serve as a driving force for growth, presenting examples of how our customers recognize climate and environmental protection as an opportunity for their own business.

Cover image 'changes' magazine ©Endress+Hauser


Green transformation How sustainable are today's businesses and society? And where is the room for improvement?

A task for generations to come SMS Group CEO Burkhard Dahmen and Matthias Altendorf talk about the sweeping transformation of the metal industry.

Strong leverage Michael Sinz explains how Endress+Hauser is supporting the transformation to greater sustainability.

What matters now and in the future Klaus Endress talks about his career, the family and what he has learned from nature

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