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Partner program Open Integration reduces risks

Sustainable collaboration in testing for the benefit of our common customers

Open standards are essential to select and combine the best products from the wide range on the market. Open Integration partners collaborate to ensure that this decisive advantage is not reduced by potential integration problems. Together we define reference topologies and test our respective products in combinations as found in practice. Thus, our common customers receive concrete and successfully validated suggestions for the automation of their process plant.

who are in the program already ©Endress+Hauser

Renowned automation manufacturers have already joined the Open Integration partner program

Open Integration - combination of the best products for the automation of your plant © Endress+Hauser

Open Integration: open standards / validated integration

Open Integration - integration test for every reference technology © Endress+Hauser

Open Integration: enhances established tests

Partner program Open Integration -Together with our partners Endress+Hauser work on various projects ©Endress+Hauser

Partner program Open Integration - Together with our partners Endress+Hauser work on various projects

Open Integration: open standards / validated integration

  • Partner program for practical testing of multi-vendor automation topologies

  • Typical selection of system components and field devices for the application

  • Joint integration testing of the complete reference topology

  • Documentation of the most important procedural steps and test results

  • Sustainable cooperation with partners with regular retesting

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