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Running for a good cause

The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge wants to improve access to clean water around the world

Many people around the world don’t take water for granted, because for them it’s a scarce resource. Endress+Hauser employees are lending these people a hand through the company-wide Water Challenge, special charity runs that support projects in numerous countries to improve access to clean drinking water.

The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge ©Endress+Hauser

The employees are moved by the idea of the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge.

The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge: Supported Project ©Endress+Hauser

The new water house in Kon Bdeh, Vietnam.

With the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge, employees participate in local, self-organized campaigns to complete a specific distance along or on a body of water – for example by jogging, Nordic walking or swimming – and then donate a small contribution for each kilometer. The company then matches the final amount. The proceeds are set aside for select aid projects in Asia, South America or Africa.

Involvement in many countries

Since the start of the Water Challenge in 2019 in Reinach, Switzerland, the idea has mobilized many other employees e.g. in India, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. It’s no coincidence that the initiative has had a wide ripple effect. With its offering, Endress+Hauser has for decades supported the safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly supply and treatment of water. “We’re now exploiting this business activity for use in the non-profit sector,” says CEO Matthias Altendorf.

Every drop counts

In the first charity run, 250 participants completed a total distance of 2,300 kilometers, which yielded around 10,000 Swiss francs. This money was used to drill a new 100-meter deep well, tap the spring, install a pump and erect a water house in the village of Kon Bdeh, Vietnam. Before it flows out of the tap, the water is filtered and cleaned. While the old water house always ran dry during the dry season, the water supply for the 800 residents of the village has now been safeguarded.

Dependable aid

The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge is currently supporting a water supply program in northeast Brazil and the construction of a drinking water network in a village in Cameroon. Plans are also in place to build a purification plant in Donwada, India in the district of Aurangabad. In all of the projects, Endress+Hauser relies on personal contacts and an on-site presence to ensure that none of the donated funds drain away.

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