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Tech Booster Temperature Sensor Technologies

5 ways reliable temperature measurement improves process safety and product quality

Industrial manufacturing processes require adequate
instrumentation to control safe and efficient production operations. This online seminar will explore ways on how to choose the right technology, avoid instrument failure, understand erroneous readings and examine common misconceptions:
- How do I know which sensor fits my application?
- Sensor calibration increases my accuracy, right?
- Accuracy is all about the sensor class and wiring, isn’t it?
- What can I do when my plant is going digital?

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08:30 CH - 09:15 CH ICT
01:30 CH - 02:15 CH ICT
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Tiếng Anh

Tech Boosters are 45-minutes live and interactive training units about temperature technologies, calibration and further information about Endress+Hauser products in the process industry.

These online seminars are available on several dates, free-of-charge via GoToWebinar. Choose the date that suits you best.

In order to participate in this Tech Booster online seminar you need a laptop and a headset only.

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