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PROFIBUS - fieldbus technology for hybrid processes

Ensure economic, safe and reliable processing along with increased product quality.

PROFIBUS is a fieldbus standard that provides consistent fieldbus communication across a plant. PROFIBUS DP is for fast processes and the connection of control equipment and PROFIBUS PA is process automation, with bus powering of field devices and intrinsic safety.
PROFIBUS PA and DP use the same communication protocol. To guarantee interoperability and to allow exchangeability of devices, a standardized PROFIBUS PA Profile exists for various transmitters, actuators and analysis devices.

Your PROFIBUS benefits

As a pioneer and leading manufacturer of PROFIBUS instruments, your investment is in safe hands:

  • Savings due to smaller footprint and fewer components and cables

  • Reduced planning, engineering and commissioning costs

  • Less effort for documentation and Ex certification

  • More flexibility, higher precision and greater productivity

  • High plant availability through efficient maintenance and repair

  • Simple device exchange, independent of device generation

Device integration

PROFIBUS devices connect to a PLC via a PROFIBUS DP I/O card. The interface to the PROFIBUS PA segment(s) is a bus coupler or link. A so-called GSD file is required to engineer the system.

In order to ensure seamless integration into control systems:

  • PROFIBUS devices are tested and certified in independent laboratories that are accredited by the PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO)

  • Our devices are additionally tested with all relevant control systems under typical operating conditions

Device operation and management

PROFIBUS device information (parameters, status etc.) can be accessed by:

  • a FDT frame, e.g. FieldCare, which requires a so-called DTM for each device type

  • a DD/EDD operating tool such as Asset Management Solution (AMS) and Process Device Manager (PDM)

We offer DTMs, DDs and EDDs for all our PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA devices and ensure they are integrated into the above-mentioned tools.

Device drivers and certificates

The device description files and certificates can be obtained from the download area of each product.

PROFIBUS technology training

A comprehensive range of technology training courses is available:

  • Based on hands-on experience, recognized in
    all industries

  • Application specific and practically orientated

  • Manufacturer independent

Details on the current training program: Technology Training

Are you a PROFIBUS user?

Do you:

  • want the capital savings to be gained from a fieldbus?

  • need to combine factory and process automation, e.g. as found in the Food & Beverage industry?

  • want the operational savings associated with a fieldbus?

  • simply want the benefits of reliable, certified, best-of-class PROFIBUS instrumentation?

For PROFIBUS users, we provide know-how that is second to none and ensure that our instruments and solutions satisfy the highest customer demands.

  • PROFIBUS - fieldbus technology for hybrid processes © 2011 PROFIBUS International , all rights reserved

    PROFIBUS - fieldbus technology for hybrid processes

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