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iTEMP TMT31 – The 4-20mA RTD temperature transmitter redefined! 

The 4-20mA head transmitter for Pt100/Pt1000 sensors offers maximum ease of use, high safety and reliable measurement accuracy.

Ngày phát hành: 25.05.2022

Perfect for basic applications! The newly developed iTEMP TMT31 temperature transmitter for analog 4-20mA signals is characterized by its long-term stability, high accuracy and ease of use, making it an important pillar for reliable temperature measurement in process automation.

Temperature transmitters are an important link between temperature sensors in the process and higher levels of automation in the process industries. 

In order to keep the effort for commissioning, device configuration and maintenance as low as possible, the transmitter can either be ordered conveniently pre-configured or simply parameterized on site using free operating software such as FieldCare or DeviceCare from Endress+Hauser with the aid of a laptop or tablet. The USB configuration kits required for this, such as TXU10 or Commubox FXA291, are also available from Endress+Hauser as accessories.

The recommendation: Push-in terminals

Using tool-free push-in-terminals will cut your wiring time by up to 85% during temperature transmitter commissioning. It allows you 10 times faster wiring, paired with great quality and an affordable price! Experience your benefits in this short video. For all those who prefer to use the proven screw terminal, we have also optimized the terminal design for easier wiring. Corrosion-free contacts ensure maximum reliability of measured value transmission for both connection variants.

High reliability in the process 

The iTEMP TMT31 temperature transmitter is approved for safe operation of sensor types Pt100 (IEC/GOST/JIS) and Pt1000 (IEC) in Zone 2 / Div. 2 hazardous areas (non-sparking). Optionally, the sensor characteristics of the connected RTD can be adjusted to the head transmitter by means of a transmitter-sensor adjustment using the Callendar-Van Dusen equations (CvD), thus further increasing the accuracy of the temperature measurement of the entire system.

Further information can be found on the iTEMP TMT31 product page.

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