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Water reservoir with dashboard of Netilion Water Networks Insights

Automate your Water Network with Netilion Network Insights

For maximum transparency of the water flows in the drinking water and wastewater sector

With Netilion Water Network Insights, you can now optimize your processes across the entire water cycle where sensors gather valuable information.

  • Measurements at water extraction and treatment

  • Water quality and quantity along the entire drinking water network

  • Inflow and outflow measurements in industrial and wastewater treatment plants

  • Residual emissions from treated wastewater etc.

With our solution, measurements from all process steps are recorded and displayed in a customizable visualization.

Efficient process monitoring

  • Reducing manual measurements and sampling with long journeys to collect data through comprehensive visualization

  • Managing water availability by forecasting water consumption

  • Reduction of non-revenue water by monitoring the minimum values during the night

  • Enhanced efficiency and speed of operating and maintenance activities thanks to targeted malfunction notifications

Lợi ích

  • Maximizing transparency through continuous monitoring of quantitative and qualitative parameters around the clock

  • Complying with legal requirements through cloud-based flowmeter verification using Heartbeat Technology

  • Comprehensive visualization of all data regardless of time and place

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