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W@M Portal XS87IP

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Hosting service to support your
business processes for engineering,
procurement and operation of your
process plants.
Set up and operation of a customer
specific portal, using a secure
Internet connection.
All necessary clarification is carried
out in consultation with nominated
client representative.
A ´single logon´-concept gives each
user an entrance to the approved
modules during the term of validity.
Each user has a personal User-ID
and password.
Set up of the data is based on a list of
E+H-order- or project-numbers, or by an
Excel sheet based on a standardized
template, to be completed by the client.
The registration form must be completed.
A task scheduler function provides the
ability to note key events and actions.
The validity time of the portal is
1 year after start up or renewal.
Changes of an existing portal don´t
have any influence to the original
agreed term of validity.

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