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Asset Health Monitor SRP700 quickly gives an overview of the plant device status

Asset Health Monitoring Solution SRP700 Rockwell Edition

Streamline your plant operation by benefitting from data from the field

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Devices often report maintenance required months before they fail. In a lot of cases, such information is not collected or is lost in logfiles of the control system, where maintenance technicians do not have access. Our Asset Health Monitoring solution accesses this information and presents it in easily readable form to all involved in the running of a plant. This not only improves transparency, but also reduces maintenance costs while increasing plant availability.

SRP700 is a pre-engineered software based solution for Rockwell Automation systems, tailored for various industries. It runs on traditional hardware or in a virtual machine environment and comprises a central monitor and gateway, a standard client for device configuration management as well as a mobile client, the field-proven Field Xpert SMT70 IP65/Class 1 Div 2. industrial tablet. A KPI Dashboard (optional) presents diagnostics, history, statistics etc. in easily readable form.

Lợi ích

  • Take actions on diagnostic data provided by devices.

  • Connect with a fingertip to the device for troubleshooting and configuration.

  • See current and past diagnostic data as well as prescription measures together with their time stamps.

  • Analyze historical device diagnostic data.

  • Perform Heartbeat device verifications.

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