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Fieldgate SFG500 Ethernet/PROFIBUS gateway for remote monitoring

Fieldgate SFG500
Intelligent Ethernet/PROFIBUS gateway

Parallel access to PROFIBUS networks, monitoring of PROFIBUS and HART device status

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Fieldgate SFG500 is a system component that provides an independent access route to a PROFIBUS network. It may be used in a variety of applications that are supported by specific operating modes.
Fieldgate SFG500 may be used in a variety of applications that are supported by specific operating modes. The operating modes are determined by the use of an optional memory card (Fieldgate Module SFM500).

Without a memory card, Fieldgate SFG500 operates as a plant access point. In this case, it acts as an Ethernet gateway with adaptive PROFIBUS Master Class 2 capabilities to support FDT-based plant asset management host applications, e.g. FieldCare.

With the insertion of the memory card, device diagnostic information such as the NAMUR NE 107 status with failure reason and remedies as well as the process values of PROFIBUS and HART devices are displayed in the integrated web browser.

Lợi ích

  • PROFIBUS listener and Master Class 2: automatically integrates itself into a PROFIBUS network and finds all connected devices

  • HART support via PROFIBUS: HART device support and device diagnostics

  • PROFIBUS observer: monitors network traffic and device diagnostics

  • Web Server: provides a clear presentation of network and diagnosis information via Web Browser or FDT/DTM frame application

  • SFGNetwork DTM: finds all SFG500 Fieldgates present in an Ethernet domain and displays their PROFIBUS connections

  • Fieldgate Module SFM500: activates functions for process value and diagnostic display


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