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W@M Operations – Data to optimize maintenance

Improved maintenance based on access to critical device information

What data do you require in relation to your installed base?
W@M Operations is for engineers who require a clear picture and detailed knowledge of the installed base for a proactive maintenance strategy. It is unique as it combines data from plant operations and processes to help you decide on measures to reduce plant costs, enhance plant availability and increase compliance.

The right information at the right time

Access to relevant asset information improves operating processes on an sustainable basis:

  • In spare parts management

  • In tracking historical records or

  • In monitoring criticality

Web-based tools provide you with quick and easy access to up-to-date information at all times. Combined with plant asset management software and services, these tools enable you to optimize your daily maintenance tasks further.

Managing your maintenance activities efficiently

  • Transfer of engineering, procurement and commissioning data into operations

  • Store paperless plant documentation and information

  • Retrieve asset information quickly

  • Overview of the current status of your installed base

  • Track commissioning, calibration and maintenance events and data

Lợi ích

  • Up-to-date device data available around-the-clock and throughout the entire life cycle of your installed base

  • Comprehensive device information guarantee reliable planning

  • Minimized plant downtime and errors with effective monitoring of your installed base

  • Increased production quality and safety thanks to transparent data

  • Compliance through easily accessible reports and certificates

The Swiss company Emmi benefits from ordering Endress+Hauser instruments online and accessing up-to-date asset information.


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