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Pipes with steam coming out

Utility management and energy optimization

Precise steam production and distribution monitoring saves operating and maintenance costs

Utility management objectives often include the efficient management of the steam production and distribution essential to core processes. Operational challenges include protecting the integrity of boiler equipment, control systems, and infrastructure, as well as reducing heat loss in distribution and optimizing fuel consumption and heat exchangers. Accurate and reliable measurement and monitoring enable such challenges to be overcome, and operational and maintenance efficiencies to be unlocked.

How we can help

Endress+Hauser combines a deep understanding of energy and utility management with a broad instrumentation, service and solutions offering to enable steam management with optimal efficiency and safety. Whether in ensuring the quality and supply of feedwater that is integral to the efficiency and lifespan of a boiler, in determining the accuracy of measurement results, or in identifying and quantifying losses in the steam system, we help minimize operating and maintenance costs.

  • Benefit from class-leading quality and reliability, plus direct access to in-house expertise and industry know-how

  • Optimize maintenance with local support for your daily challenges

  • Comply with environmental protection, energy management, as well as boiler and piping relevant standards


Feedwater preparation

Ensuring a regular supply of the highest quality feedwater is not only vital to optimal boiler productivity, it helps avoid early equipment failures, costly blowdowns, and corrosion.

Feedwater preparation
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser Prowirl F 200 flowmeter and iTHERM TM131 thermometer deliver the essential information and insights to optimize feedwater preparation and reduce operating costs. Our Steam/Water Analysis System helps you continuously check the quality of your feedwater.

  • Maximize feedwater quality for efficient steam production

  • Optimize water preparation consumables for cost savings

  • Protect infrastructure and extend boiler lifespan

Fuel combustion & exhaust

Accurate measurement of how effectively the heat content of a fuel is transformed into usable energy is an essential undertaking to enable optimal boiler performance. However, controlling flow, pressure, incoming combustion air temperature, and exhaust temperature is a complex undertaking.

Fuel combustion & exhaust
Our expertise in the field

The Endress+Hauser portfolio offers reliable, safe, and efficient metering and monitoring solutions for flow, pressure and combustion air (temperature and flow), that enable you to maximize the performance of your boiler.

  • Monitor key parameters to improve boiler efficiency

  • Detect critical errors in time

  • Comply with ASME Performance Test Codes (PTC 4-1998) and regulatory standards

Steam generation

Appropriate boiler controls are required to ensure a readily available and efficient steam supply for effective utilities plant operations.

Steam generation
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser offers tried and tested technologies such as Vortex to accurately measure the continuous flow during steam generation, unlocking substantial efficiency gains. Our flow metering products and solutions are engineered to improve overall availability and efficiency. Our solutions for continuous boiler water level measurement and level switches help you comply with standards like IEC 61511 and increase safety.

  • Ensure accurate boiler controls for efficient steam generation

  • Maximize fuel potential to drive cost savings

  • Extend calibration intervals to minimize downtime with innovative Heartbeat Technology

Steam distribution

Primary challenges in the delivery of steam from the boiler house to its different points of end-use are minimizing energy loss in transit and protecting essential infrastructure.

Steam distribution
Our expertise in the field

To help meet this need, Endress+Hauser has created the Energy Measurement Proving Service. Our technical experts perform on-site calibrations and verify the accuracy of your steam energy measurement, enabling you to enhance and sustain the efficiency of your steam distribution systems.

  • Provide adequate insulation to pipework

  • Monitor steam traps and energy losses

  • Minimize risks of water hammer to protect infrastructure

Steam consumption

Steam reaches the heat exchanger either superheated or with varying degrees of wetness, however for efficient energy transfer, steam should ideally be 100% dry saturated. Moreover, wet steam can lead to increased risk of water hammer and associated wear to infrastructure.

Steam consumption
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser instrumentation enables the direct measurement of wet and dry steam, helping to ensure the best conditions for efficient heat exchanger performance. Our multivariable Vortex flowmeter Prowirl F 200 even allows you to compensate steam by pressure, temperature and dryness fraction and output mass, energy, and steam quality.

  • Leverage instrumentation compliant with industry standards ((IAPWS- IF97/ASME)

  • Gain confidence in your steam measurements

  • Optimize your steam consumption

Learn where to measure for a more efficient process

Steam application parameters

Process map of steam process ©Endress+Hauser

Steam application process


Whether you need support for an individual instrument or a managed service contract covering a combination of products, software and solutions, you can rely on us. We aim for safe, efficient and available steam and we understand your daily challenges as Energy and Utility Managers. Serving before earning is our founder’s principle and it has shaped our company to this day.

  • 5 to 15%

    is the estimated savings generated from energy management solutions

  • 20,000

    Euros saved each year with the use of economizers corresponds to the annual fuel costs of EUR 1 million.

  • 2%

    is the typical improvement of boiler efficiency for every 10°C (50°F) of feedwater temperature increase using economizers.

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