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Elektrolyte reservoir CPY7

Product picture of: Elektrolyte reservoir CPY7

This product is no longer available.

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Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Glass electrode

  • Application

    For electrodes filled with liquid electrolyte in unpressurized or pressurized applications.

  • Installation

    External electrolyte vessel.

  • Characteristic

    Applications with low conductivity media (<100µS/cm), extremely pasty or sticky media, depositing media or media containing strong electrode poisons.

  • Material

    Pressure hose: PC (Polycarbonate)
    O-Ring: EPDM
    Hose: Silicone or PE (Polyethylene)

  • Dimension

    Volume pressure vessel: ~150 ml
    Diameter pressure vessel: 80 mm

  • Process pressure

    8 bar at 20°C ambient temperature.

  • Connection

    Compressed air connection: ID6 / AD8
    Hose connection: ID6 / AD8

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