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Temperature field transmitter

Product picture Temperature field transmitter TMT142 with HART® communication ©Endress+Hauser

Aluminum field housing with backlit display

Transformation of sensor signals into stable and standardized output signals for all industries

Unsurpassed reliability, accuracy and long-term stability in critical processes over all industries. The configurable transmitter not only transfers converted signals from RTD sensors and thermocouples, but also resistance and voltage signals using HART® communication. It visualizes the signals on its own backlit display. A rugged field housing allows a direct connection in the process areas. Moreover, a swift and easy operation and maintenance can be realized by PC using operating software.

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  • Benefits

    • Illuminated display, rotatable

    • Operation, visualization and maintenance with PC, e.g. using FieldCare operating software

    • Sensor monitoring: Failure conditioning, corrosion detection to NAMUR NE 89 and in event of sensor break or sensor short-circuit,...

  • Field of application

    • Temperature field transmitter with HART® protocol for converting various input signals to a scalable, analog 4.to 20 mA output signal

    • Universal input usable for: Resistance thermometers (RTD), thermocouples (TC), resistance transmitters (Ω), voltage...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Field transmitter

  • Input

    1 x RTD, TC, Ohm, mV

  • Output

    1 x analog 4...20 mA

  • Auxiliary power supply

    10,5...40 V DC (standard-version)

    10,5...30 V DC (Ex-version)

  • Communication


  • Installation

    in field

  • Accuracy

    (Pt100, -50...200 °C) <=0,15 K

    (Pt100, -58...392 °F) <=0,3 °F

  • Galvanic isolation


  • Certification

    UL rec. Comp

    FM IS, NI I/1+2/A-D

    ATEX II1G Ex ia IIC T6

    ATEX II2G Ex d IIC T6

    ATEX II3G Ex nA IIC T6


    ATEX II1G Ex ia IIC T6, II2D Ex ia IIIC

    CSA IS, NI I/1+2/A-D

    FM XP, NI, DIP I,II,III/1+2/A-G

    CSA XP, NI, DIP I,II,III/1+2/A-G

    CSA General Purpose

    IECEx Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

    IECEx Ex d IIC T6 Gb

    NEPSI Ex ia IIC T4-T6

    NEPSI Ex nA II T4-T6

    NEPSI Ex d IIC T4-T6

    EAC Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

    EAC Ex d IIC T6 Gb

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