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LNG terminal in Poland

Ensure process safety across the natural gas value chain

Minimize process risks with best-fit instrumentation & solutions for natural gas & LNG

The natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry worldwide has a strong safety record. But the complex infrastructures and processes across the natural gas value chain hold many potential hazards meaning that safety cannot be taken for granted. The rapid growth in gas trade and globally developing integrated gas market are challenging the industry as it balances growth and productivity with maintaining and improving safety outcomes.

How we can help

We understand the essentials for optimal, safe operations across the gas value chain. Accurate, reliable measurement of critical process parameters sets the basis for safe and efficient operations. Our broad range of instruments and solutions provide the reliable real-time data and process control you need to solve your safety, productivity and environmental challenges.

  • Monitor contaminants like O2, (trace) H2O and H2S to protect natural gas pipelines and ensure quality specifications

  • Prevent pipeline corrosion and hydrate formation with efficient chemical injection systems

  • Accurate measurement and control of level, temperature, density, and rollover prediction, together with an advanced inventory management system for the highest LNG storage safety and inventory transparency

  • Instrument safety by design: robust sensors that reliably withstand extreme process conditions. A broad SIL-certified safety measurement portfolio developed and designed for safety-related functions in accordance with IEC 61508

  • Intelligent field devices with Heartbeat Technology have continuous self-diagnostic capabilities for the highest level of process safety and availability


H2O, H2S, CO2, and O2 measurements for pipeline integrity

Measurement of H2O, H2S, CO2, and O2 in natural gas pipelines at production and gathering sites, custody transfer points, compression stations, storage facilities, and in distribution systems is critically important to protect pipelines from corrosion and meet gas quality specifications.

corrosion in a natural gas pipeline
Our expertise in the field

Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) and Quenched Fluorescence (QF) analyzers have proven to be highly effective for continuous on-line monitoring of these contaminants in natural gas pipelines.

  • High-resolution lasers provide selective and specific measurement of H2O, H2S, CO2 in natural gas streams of different composition

  • No field calibration needed: solid-state laser and detector components, and factory-calibration using gas mixture blended to simulate process gas

  • Highly accurate measurement with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - traceable factory calibration

  • Accurate O2 measurements even when H2S is present, using Quenched Fluorescence technology

Chemical injection skids for gas pipelines

Chemical injection plays a vital role in the safe and efficient production and transport of natural gas. Corrosion inhibitors are injected into pipelines to maintain and extend the lifetime of gas pipelines, while kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs) and methanol are used to prevent the formation of crystalline ice-like structures (Hydrates) that can plug pipelines and disrupt gas flow. The effectiveness of these inhibitors depends on injecting the right amount of chemicals.

Endress+Hauser chemical injection skid
Our expertise in the field

Exactly measure injection rates in challenging conditions: accurate 2-wire technology Proline Promass A Coriolis mass flowmeters have high stability at very low flow rates, with a space-saving small footprint ...

  • Coriolis sensor is resistant to internal clogging thanks to its self-draining measuring tube

  • Prevent over or under pressurization to ensure effective injection with accurate, quick-response pressure measurement

  • Reliable guided radar level measurement with multi-echo tracking and Heartbeat Technology

LNG tank gauging & operational safety

A typical liquefied natural gas tank requires a range of instruments to measure liquid level and density, liquid and vapor temperature and pressure, skin temperature and more. For safe operation you must also make sure that two layers of different LNG densities are not rapidly mixing with the effect of releasing large amounts of gas – known as rollover.

LNG storage tanks at a terminal in Poland
Our expertise in the field

Ensure safe operation of your plant and the highest inventory transparency with best-fit instrumentation for LNG storage tanks, including constant primary level measurement or redundant operation with a high-precision Proservo level gauge.

  • 24/7 plant safety with independent servo or radar gauges for high level alarms. SIL2/3-certified

  • Monitor density changes in different LNG layers with Level Temperature Density (LTD) gauges

  • Manage LNG gas boil-off with highly accurate pressure transmitters. Multi-point temperature measurement is used for cool down and leakage detection

Open and redundant solutions for LNG inventory management

Safe and efficient inventory management is about much more than just choosing the right sensors. In addition to the right measuring technologies, system components and scalable software to monitor your inventories are necessary.

LNG rollover prediction software
Our expertise in the field

The Tankvision LMS inventory management system enables reliable, real-time LNG management. It has an open and redundant data system and is a multi-user system with remote access capability

  • Rollover prediction software allows you to visualize the changing temperature, density and stratified layer thickness in a tank. The software predicts rollover and enables upfront counter-measures

  • Cool down and leak detection software, together with sensors located around the base, sides and roof of the LNG tank are used to detect any abnormalities in the shell insulation that may result in a product leak

Functional safety by design - instruments you can rely on

Industrial processes present risks that you usually cannot completely eliminate but can reduce to a tolerable level. For this you need a safe foundation. Reliable measurement of critical process parameters sets the basis for safe processes. Process control and functional safety in hazardous areas and safety applications is only as good as the devices you use.

SIL functional safety by design
Our expertise in the field

Our portfolio of instrumentation and safety-related hardware & software is stringently designed to meet the needs of safe and reliable operation. Endress+Hauser has one of the most extensive SIL portfolios of IEC 61508-certified instruments for hazardous areas and safety applications created according to safety by design standards.

  • Proven experience of more than 10 million devices installed in safety-related applications

  • Over 65 years of experience in safety-critical applications

  • 18+ years of IEC 61508 functional safety standards for quality, safety and reliability applied in applications

Device and process diagnostics for reliability and safety

The functional performance and reliability of your measuring instrumentation is key to your plant’s availability, process safety and to reduce your maintenance costs. You want to know the status of your plant at all times and to be sure that your measuring devices are functioning properly. And if not, to know at a glance what needs to be done.

Heartbeat's device and process diagnostic capabilities ensure high process safety and availability
Our expertise in the field

A range of our smart instruments for the natural gas and liquefied natural gas industry feature Heartbeat Technology that provides high process safety and availability with minimal effort. Heartbeat’s self-diagnostic capability enables field devices to continuously check themselves providing a health check of your instruments and processes. Clear error messages and corrective guidance enable cost-effective, simplified condition-based maintenance.

  • High safety from extensive device and process diagnostics with a diagnostic coverage up to 98%

  • Diagnostics in accordance with NE107: Alarms in the event of a device defect and warnings when process conditions are affecting the device.

  • Reliable detection of dangerous device errors reduces the probability of an outage in a Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

Improve the safety and efficiency of your processes

The natural gas / liquefied natural gas value chain ©Endress+Hauser

The natural gas / liquefied natural gas value chain

Graphic of an LNG storage tank with tank gauging instrumentation ©Endress+Hauser

Graphic of a liquefied natural gas storage tank with instruments for level, temperature, and density measurement in different LNG layers

Natural gas compression station process ©Endress+Hauser

Natural gas compression station process with measuring points

Device and process diagnostics with Heartbeat Technology ©Endress+Hauser

A range of our instruments feature Heartbeat Technology with extensive device and process diagnostic capabilities to ensure high process safety and availability


Safety is about prevention. Dealing with flammable and toxic substances across the natural gas value chain, including the storage of LNG at cryogenic temperatures, poses hazards and creates challenges that must be handled properly to ensure safe and efficient operation. To protect your people, equipment and the environment we have the right measurement devices, software, solutions and services to ensure the reliable reduction of risk in your natural gas and LNG processes and applications.

  • >10

    million devices installed in safety-related applications over the past 65 years

  • >100

    SIL 2/3-certified product lines to provide the best solution for your natural gas and LNG application

  • >10,000

    TDLAS units installed worldwide.

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