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Heartbeat Technology™ – Reliable and flexible proof testing

The smart alternative in functional safety

For safety applications, flowmeters must meet the highest requirements in terms of reliability. With Heartbeat Technology™, the new Proline generation offers an unprecedented degree of diagnostic coverage from the measuring tube to the outlet. This ensures an extremely low residual risk of a passive protective function failure. Traceable factory calibration and redundant internal references complement our safety-by-design principle with minimal failure rates in accordance with IEC 61508.


  • Proline flowmeters: maximum safety and reliability

  • Maximum flexibility in scheduling proof tests, i.e. optimization of proof test or extended calibration intervals minimizes the effort involved in testing

  • Compliant testing based on traceable references

  • Documented validation of device functionality: Verification results on demand for test result clarity

  • Increased system availability, such as testing without reaching the trip point

  • Minimal effort for personnel involved: No trip to the field – maximum safety due to automated and simple test process

  • Test coverage of at least 95%: Minimum number of dangerous undetected errors λDU

Heartbeat Technology™ allows for maximum flexibility in proof test planning. The simplicity and conciseness of test procedures minimize the risk of handling errors. Thus, personnel conducting them are also protected from risks and subject to minimal exposure.

Maximum safety and reliability

In chemical and petrochemical companies, safety has the highest priority. Consequently, flowmeters must ensure maximum reliability. Although costly, proof testing is the established method for validating functional reliability. Heartbeat Technology™ provides the basis for minimizing the effort and exposure of personnel involved in such routine activities.

Reliability with minimized failure risks

Proline flowmeters have proven their robustness and reliability in countless challenging applications. In particular, we have been able to significantly lower the rates of dangerous undetected failures in accordance with IEC 61508.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic and test functions unalterably integrated in the device

  • Electronic modules subject to 100% traceable testing in the factory

  • Calibration of all Proline flowmeters on accredited systems

Flexible maintenance with Heartbeat Technology™

IEC 61508 and Safety Integrity Levels ©Endress+Hauser

The internationally recognized IEC 61508 standard refers to the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) as the basis for device maintenance. Thanks to minimized PFD progression over time, Proline users can schedule their proof tests based on their operational needs. In this way, Heartbeat Technology™ significantly contributes to streamlined processes and cost savings.

Compliant maintenance and electronic validation management

Heartbeat technology ©Endress+Hauser

Heartbeat Technology™ provides continuous self-monitoring without process interruption and diagnostic signal output according to NE107. Thanks to the highest degree of diagnostic coverage, proof testing is limited to a compliance and visual inspection to detect systematic, process-related influences. Results of the test can be read out on site or remotely using an asset management tool and forwarded to electronic validation management. Data sets are stored on the device’s SD flash memory.

Chemical plant © Diamond

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