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Tank gauging
Digital Transmitter TMD1

Digital Transmitter TMD1 ©Endress+Hauser

For remote calibration of a tank

TMD1 is used in combination with field level gauge LT5 for remote calibration of a tank. TMD1 communicates via various protocols such as V1, BCD, Sakura to transmit level, temperature and alarm.

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  • Benefits

    • Calibration and adjustment for transmission output can be done by HHT (handheld terminal) after the installation of the transmitter

    • Modules for remote transmission output, temperature A/D conversion, level alarm and output for external instrument...

  • Field of application

    Ambient temperature, weather proof type: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F), flameproof type: -20 to +40°C (-4 to +140°F)

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Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
  • 11
    • Nr 11 Order code 017853-5019

      O-ring, El-compartment, CR

      Size: D165mm, d4mm. Material: CR (Chloroprene Rubber). Part: main body cover, TMD1,TGM5, DU, DUR. Usage: TMD1, TGM5, DU, DUR.

    • Nr 11 Order code 017880-5025

      O-ring, Large terminal box, AT5 body,CR

      Size: D120mm, d3.5mm. Material: CR. Part: terminal box, large. Usage: AT1/500, B3-11, DRM9700, DU/R, MPC2, TGM5, TMD1.

  • 31
    • Nr 31 Order code 71125579

      Level A/D conv., set+MIF-4, sv 2.01

      Analog / digital converter, MIF-4 software version 2.01. Usage: TMD1.

  • 33
    • Nr 33 Order code 71079187

      TMD1 power supply unit 100VAC, ver.1

      Digital Transmitter TMD1. Usage: TMD1.

    • Nr 33 Order code 71079189

      TMD1 power supply unit 110VAC, ver.1

      Usage: TMD1.

    • Nr 33 Order code 71079190

      TMD1 power supply unit 200VAC, ver.1

      Usage: TMD1.

    • Nr 33 Order code 71079191

      TMD1 power supply unit 220VAC, ver.1

      Usage: TMD1.

  • 34
  • 35
  • 57
    • Nr 57 Order code 017871-1231

      O-ring, LT/transmitter coupling

      Size: D60mm, d3.5m. Material: CR (Chloroprene Rubber). Part: LT-coupling. Usage: AT1/AT500, DU, DUR, TMD1.

    • Nr 57 Order code 70100540

      Main shaft, TMD1000

      Usage: TMD1.

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