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Improve your soft drink production

Monitor critical parameters in your production to ensure continuously high product quality

Ensuring consistent product quality is a top priority for the beverage industry. In this context, product safety, exact dosing of the raw materials, monitoring of all critical process parameters, complete data recording, but also cost awareness are important factors. Innovative process instrumentation helps to meet this challenge, from delivery and dosing of the raw materials to blending and filling.

Chúng tôi cung cấp

We guarantee that we will support you in improving your processes with competence, support and service - worldwide. Especially in the beverage production sector, our industry and application experts understand the high demands on product quality and safety. Endress+Hauser's process instrumentation helps you to increase, maintain and ensure product quality in the long term. Our offer stands for:

  • Ensuring continuous product quality

  • Intelligent data management for constant reproducibility

  • Saving in raw materials

  • Cost-conscious energy use

  • Legal compliance


Accurate concentration measurement

To monitor the consistent quality of an end product, concentration must be measured in °Brix. This can be done directly in the process, using inline measurement technology. Permanent quality monitoring using real-time product data reduces time-consuming manual sampling and production downtimes.

Concentration measurement using Proline Promass F
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Endress+Hauser offers several options for inline density measurement.

  • Determine your fluid density in pipes using Proline Promass Coriolis flowmeters.

  • Use Vibronic density measurement systems in all liquid media for medium detection, to calculate the reference density, to calculate the concentration of a liquid, to convert values to different units such as °Brix, °Baumé, °API etc.

Dosing of additives

The correct conversion of the syrup recipe depends on the precise dosing of these ingredients. On the one hand, this has a direct influence on product quality and, on the other hand, it also guarantees efficient handling of cost-intensive raw materials.

Proline Promass Coriolis mass flow meter
Chuyên môn của chúng tôi trong lĩnh vực

Due to their low conductivity, it is necessary to use highly accurate flowmeters to dose additives, such as flavors or color.

  • Use Proline Promass F 100, the flowmeter with premium accuracy, robustness and an ultra-compact transmitter.

Reliable data management

The key to product traceability lies in seamless data recording. It enables targeted monitoring and optimization of your production process.

Memosens data manager
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Using data managers from Endress+Hauser, the recorded process values are clearly displayed and stored. The data are secured by personal access rights with electronic signatures (in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements).

  • Select the right data manager from a large portfolio depending on your specific process requirement and application.

Efficient phase separation

No more guessing: From now on, you know exactly what's in your pipes. Sensors for phase separation enable exact detection of the phase transitions between end products, discharge and cleaning media or the degree of contamination in the respective medium.

Phase separation monitored with optical sensors
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Our optical sensors for precise inline color measurement in liquids detect even the slightest color changes. You can see whether and in what quality the product, cleaning agent or rinsing water are in the pipe.

  • Use OUSAF22, an optical sensor for precise inline color measurement in liquids in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Smart calibration management

Strict requirements and regulations in the food industry with regard to safety, quality and reliability, regular calibration is a must. The focus is on measuring instruments that are integrated into a quality management system (e.g. ISO 9001, HACCP, IFS).

Instrument calibration
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Endress+Hauser's seamlessly traceable calibration - either on your premises or in our calibration laboratories - ensures long-term product quality, increases plant availability and increases the cost efficiency of your processes.

Application and process knowledge

Soft drink process map ©Endress+Hauser

Process overview soft drink production

Syrup preparation and mixing process map ©Endress+Hauser

Measuring points in the syrup preparation and mixing process

Lợi ích

We put great emphasis on offering you the best possible solutions while guaranteeing consistent product quality and high process and product safety. Our experienced team of industry experts will help you select and design the right measuring instruments for your critical process parameters. We focus on sustainable customer relationships and want to be there for you in the long term.

  • 100%

    Product safety thanks to inline quality measurement

  • 30%

    Savings on consumables thanks to optical measurement technologies for phase separation

  • >250

    Endress+Hauser calibration experts world-wide in more than 60 countries

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