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Coriolis mass flow meters in loading bay

Coriolis mass flowmeters

Coriolis flow measurement: Simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity

The Coriolis measuring principle is used in a wide range of different branches of industry, such as the life sciences, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, food, and – no less importantly – in custody transfer applications. Coriolis flowmeters can measure virtually all fluids: cleaning agents, solvents, fuels, crude oil, vegetable oils, animal fats, latex, silicon oils, alcohol, fruit solutions, toothpaste, vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise, gases or liquefied gases.

Simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density and temperature opens up entirely new perspectives for process control, quality assurance and plant safety. Additional important characteristic values can also be calculated from the primary variables measured:

  • Volume flow

  • Solids content in a fluid

  • Concentrations in multiple-phase fluids

  • Special density values such as reference density, °Brix, °Baumé, °API, °Balling, °Plato, etc.

The Coriolis Flow Measuring Principle

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Coriolis flow measuring principle

Each Coriolis flowmeter has one or more measuring tubes which an exciter causes to oscillate artificially. As soon as the fluid starts to flow in the measuring tube, additional twisting is imposed on this oscillation due to the fluid‘s inertia. Two sensors detect this change of the tube oscillation in time and space as the “phase difference.” This difference is a direct measure of the mass flow.

In addition, the fluid density can also be determined from the oscillation frequency of the measuring tubes. The temperature of the measuring tube is also registered to compensate thermal influences. The process temperature derived from this is available as an additional output signal.

Lợi ích

  • Universal measuring principle for liquids and gases

  • Multivariable measurement – simultaneous measuring of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity

  • High measuring accuracy: typically ±0.1% o.r., optionally: ±0.05% o.r. (PremiumCal)

  • Measuring principle independent of the physical fluid properties and the flow profile

  • No inlet/outlet runs necessary


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