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Absolute and gauge pressure measurement

Absolute and gauge pressure measurement

Pressure transducers for continuous measurement or pressure switches in liquids

Absolute and gauge pressure continuous measurement or pressure switches provide the safe measurement of liquids and gases in various applications. Cerabar sensors and Ceraphant switches monitor reliably the level in food applications. The devices have various hygienic approvals. Also in the process industry with SIL and explosion protection certificates there is reliable measurement guaranteed. Check out the broad range of Cerabar and Ceraphant devices and click on the button below.

Absolute and gauge pressure measurement with ceramic or silicon cell or diaphragm seal offer the perfect fit for various applications in the process and hygienic industries. With the right sensor technology and fit for purpose devices Endress+Hauser offers pressure transducers with quick setup or even just plug & play which allows simple commissioning, reduces costs and saves time - be it a pressure switch or a pressure transmitter.

Measuring Principle Pressure

Absolute and gauge pressure measurement: Measuring Principle

Silicon cell: The operating pressure deflects the process isolating diaphragm and a fill fluid transfers the pressure to a resistance bridge (semiconductor technology). The pressure-dependent change in the bridge output voltage is measured and evaluated.

Pressure switch: The pressure switch opens or closes an electrical PNP contact when a certain set pressure has been reached. In addition, a 4 to 20mA output is available.

Lợi ích

  • Silicon cell: For process pressures up to 700bar (10,500psi), small flush-mount process connections, guaranteed overload resistance, minimal thermal effects

  • Diaphragm seal: Variety of special materials and process connections, process temperatures from-70 up to +400°C (-94 to +752°F)

  • Pressure switch: Function check and on-site information with LEDs and digital display, operation and visualization also possible via PC, stainless steel housing and lasered nameplate

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