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Vibronic measurement
Density Computer FML621

Density Computer FML621 ©Endress+Hauser

Measurement of density, reference density, concentration of liquids in conjunction with a Liquiphant

The density measuring line can be used in all liquid media for medium detection, to calculate the reference density, to calculate the concentration of a liquid, to convert values to different units such as °Brix, °Baumé, °API etc. Additional software modules, such as determining the reference density, intelligent medium differentiation and concentration identification, support the user in monitoring the quality. EEx ia, EEx de and EEx d explosion protection for use in hazardous areas.

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  • Lợi ích

    • Measurement used in tanks and pipes without the need for additional pipework

    • Large number of process connections to choose from: universal usage

    • Integration of existing temperature measurements for temperature compensation

    • No mechanically moving parts: no...

  • Phạm vi ứng dụng

    Density computer for density, reference density, concentration of liquids.

    • Ambient temperature: -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)

    • International explosion protection certificates

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  • Measuring principle

    Vibration Density

  • Characteristic / Application

    Density Computer

    Software offers modules for density,
    reference density, concentration of liquids
    and for a intelligent medium detection

  • Supply / Communication

    AC 90-253V

    DC 20-36V

  • Ambient temperature


  • Output


    Profibus DP


  • Certificates / Approvals



  • Options

    Mathscapabilities for further calculations

  • Specialities

    Configuration with ReadWin2000

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