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Endress+Hauser calibration ensures product quality

Al Safi Danone optimizes down-time and reduces production losses with flexible calibration

With milk and dairy production running 365 days a year, removal of measurement instruments for calibration posed a significant challenge for Al Safi Danone. Endress+Hauser’s customized and flexible calibration process ensured Al Safi Danone’s production could continue unhindered.

Case study Al Safi Danone ©Endress+Hauser


  • Al Safi Danone’s production equipment always available as required and functioning as specified

  • Timely issuance of calibration certificates for food safety and CCP Audits

Customer statement of Al Safi Danone

At Al Safi Danone we’ve very much appreciated the support of Endress+Hauser. Our calibration program is always on track and our instruments are working with accuracy.

Syed Muhammad Aafaq Ashraf, Automation Engineer
Al Safi Danone Ltd.

The customer challenge

Al Safi Danone does not underestimate the importance of timely and accurate calibration of its production equipment to minimize waste and enhance the quality of output. Indeed, in an industry as demanding as Food & Beverage it is vital. The question is, how can it be performed in a timely manner when the industry also requires maximum production availability to meet sudden fluctuations in demand?


Endress+Hauser partnered with Al Safi Danone to design a customized and fully flexible approach for performing instrumentation calibration with a fully dedicated calibration team and a mobile flow calibration van.

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