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Increasing reference meters' availability

External management improves operational quality

For this biotechnology plant, Endress+Hauser is the single point of contact to perform the management of the reference standards. The significant reduction of non-conformities achieved has led to better operational quality. Thanks to higher availability and obsolescence management of the reference standards, the site has gained in productivity.

calibration management, operational quality, increasing reference meter availability ©Endress+Hauser

More than 100 reference meters are managed and calibrated per year.

Benefits at a glance

  • 10 times less time spent internally on managing non-conformities

  • Significant reduction of overall costs

  • More than 90% availability achieved

  • Improved service quality at optimized cost

The challenge

The management of the calibration of the more than 100 reference standards covered about 20 calibration service providers. Facing the lacks in standardization and in the harmonization of the calibration specifications, people struggled to manage the due dates and lost a lot of time performing non value-added activities. As a result, on average over the year, reference meters were unavailable for over two months.

Our solution

Endress+Hauser took the responsibility to manage the whole calibration process of the reference standards, including:

  • A planning that ensures the availability of standards according to the site’s requirements

  • Sub-suppliers’ qualification and management

  • The complete logistics around the service

  • A check of the data received from the suppliers

  • A follow-up of the identified drifts

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