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Iplom enhances catalyst life, process safety and efficiency

Temperature profile monitoring of the catalyst bed

Given the inevitable price volatility of its product, Iplom searched for ways to increase both process efficiency and product quality to strengthen its position within the highly competitive oil & gas market. A focus on plant safety was, as always, a given.

Iplom SpA refinery in Busalla, Italy

Iplom SpA refinery in Busalla, Italy

Endress+Hauser iTherm Multi Sens Flex TMS0 with built-in diagnostic chamber

Endress+Hauser iTherm Multi Sens Flex TMS02

Customer benefit

  • Iplom tested the iTHERM MultiSens Flex TMS02 with the new multipoint cable sensor (iTHERM ProfileSens) in substitution of a traditional system and are very pleased with the devices' performance, as well as the services provided.

Iplom refinery plant in Busalla, Italy

The solution from Endress+Hauser is a true gain in terms of safety and yield.

Mr. Stefano Galli
Instrumentation and analysis, Iplom SpA

Customer challenge

To ensure safe and efficient chemical reaction control, operators depend on critical insights and data from the process as well as state-of-the-art instruments that provide additional safety barriers against extreme process conditions. Iplom thus set the following targets:

  • Optimize process monitoring and control, reduce hotspots

  • Gain meaningful data for future improvements

  • Increase catalyst life

  • Increase product quality

  • Further increase plant safety

Our solution

Our MultiSens Flex multipoint thermometer offered a robust, single-nozzle, multi-sensor solution by monitoring the temperature profile of the catalyst bed in a 3D layout. The device's on-board diagnostic chamber adds a vital process containment layer. The multipoint assembly was installed on the level 4 catalyst bed of the diesel oil reactor to monitor the temperature at two different heights. It now enables Iplom to establish a precise temperature profile.

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