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Process automation with FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology

Reduce CapEx and OpEx with the fieldbus that incorporates process engineer know-how

FOUNDATION Fieldbus provides digital communication over two-wire architectures and fulfills all requirements on a modern bus system. With FOUNDATION Fieldbus, device data become an integral part of the control and operating system. The technology provides the optimum interface for planning and maintenance programs running in your plant. FOUNDATION Fieldbus is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.

Your FOUNDATION Fieldbus benefits

We work together with the Fieldbus Foundation to increase the benefits of FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology:

  • Less space, less hardware, less capital expenditure

  • Simple engineering with quick installation and commissioning

  • Full interoperability of all certified FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices

  • Access to all field devices for set-up and diagnosis

  • Support of NAMUR NE 107 diagnostic classification

  • Easy integration into control and asset management systems

Device integration

FOUNDATION Fieldbus field devices connect directly to a DCS via a FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 I/O card.

In order to ensure seamless integration into DCS systems:

  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices are tested and certified in independent laboratories that are accredited by the Fieldbus Foundation

  • Our devices are released by all major HOST system suppliers for their system

  • Our devices are additionally tested with all relevant DCS systems under typical operating conditions

Device operation and management

FOUNDATION Fieldbus device information (parameters, status etc.) can be accessed by:

  • A FDT frame, e.g. FieldCare, which requires a so-called DTM for each device type

  • A DD/EDD operating tool such as Field Xpert SFX350/SFX370 handheld and several Asset Management Tools like AMS, PRM etc.

We offer DTMs, DDs and EDDs for all our FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices and ensure they are integrated into the above-mentioned tools.

Device drivers and certificates

The device description files and certificates can be obtained from the download area of each product.

Provides digital communication over two-wire architectures

Are you FOUNDATION Fieldbus user?

Do you:

  • operate in industries, where FOUNDATION Fieldbus is an approved technology, e.g. Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Life Sciences, Power & Energy, Water & Wastewater?

  • want the capital savings to be gained from a fieldbus?

  • want the operational savings associated with a fieldbus?

  • simply want the benefits of reliable, certified, best-of-class FOUNDATION Fieldbus instrumentation?

For FOUNDATION Fieldbus users, we have a full portfolio of instrumentation that seamlessly integrates into all leading DCS systems

  • Process automation with FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology © 2006 Fieldbus Foundation, all rights reserved

    FOUNDATION Fieldbus - tailored to continuous processes

  • Process Automation with FOUNDATION Fieldbus Technology © Endress+Hauser

    Products and services Endress+Hauser offers a comprehensive range of FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices and a multitude of supporting services.

  • Endress+Hauser - Your reliable partner in digital communication © Endress+Hauser

    A reliable partner With Endress+Hauser as a partner, you benefit from over 25 years experience in digital communication.

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