Condumax CLS30

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Conductivity 2-electrode sensor.
Application: waste water, concentrates.
Materials: graphite, titanium, PP/PTFE.
Quality certificate calibration.

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  • Measuring principle


  • Application

    Water, concentrate

  • Characteristic

    2-electrode system for controlling of industrial water or concentrates.

  • Measurement range

    k=10: 0,1 mS/cm - 200 mS/cm

  • Measuring principle

    Conductiv conductivity cell with graphite electrodes.

  • Design

    Punctual arranged graphite electrodes under PTFE protective cover.

  • Material

    Cell shaft: PTFE / PP
    Electrode: graphite
    Temperature sensor: titanium

  • Dimension

    Diameter: 22 mm
    (0.85 inch)
    Lenghth: 105 mm or 120 mm
    (4.09 inch or 4.68 inch)

  • Process temperature

    max. 125°C
    (max. 257°F)

  • Process pressure

    max. 16 bar
    (max. 232 psi)

  • Temperature sensor


  • Ex certification


  • Connection

    Process connection: G1", DN25,
    fixed cable connection.

  • Ingres protection


  • Additional certifications

    Quality certification

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