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Bunker Metering Computer SBC600 providing accuracy and efficiency in bunkering

Bunker Metering Computer SBC600

Providing accuracy and efficiency in bunkering

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The Bunker Metering Computer SBC600 collects, visualizes and stores bunkering data from all involved devices. Out of that data the Bunker Metering Computer will create batch tickets and metering profiles. The measuring system immediately reports irregularities during bunkering, making it possible to intervene quickly.

The Bunker Metering Computer SBC600 is an integral part of the complete Bunker Metering Solution delivered by Endress+Hauser.

The intuitive operator interface ensures optimal control over the entire fueling process and safe operation due to immediate visualization of error messages. The Bunker Metering Computer SBC600 guarantees maximum operating convenience. This means less stress for the operator throughout the entire bunkering process. Thanks to the custody transfer approved the system is accepted worldwide and is fully tamper-proofed due to sealed components.

Lợi ích

  • Continuous bi-directional mass flow measurement using Coriolis flowmeters from Endress+Hauser.

  • Patent dual phase flow measurement for maximum on accuracy even under severe conditions like tank stripping and maximum on application safety and measurement availability.

  • The metering profile immediate intervention during excessive tank stripping or air injection is possible. Therefore no more time consuming and costly bunker disputes because of non-transparent bunkering operation.

  • The custody transfer approved system delivers worldwide acceptance of measuring results. Transparency and traceability of setting changes is ensured by the audit trail.

  • The intuitive and integrated 12” operating panel, touch screen (HMI) guarantees safe operation due to immediate visualization of error messages.

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