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Energy manager

Energy manager ©Endress+Hauser

Steam and heat computer for industrial energy calculation of steam and water

The steam and heat computer RMS621 calculates steam mass, steam heat quantity, net steam quantity, steam-heat differential, water heat quantity and water-heat differential in up to 3 simultaneous applications. Bi-directional and splitting range measurements are possible. It supports analog, PFM or pulse signals for flow and pressure sensors. Temperature sensors can be connected in 3- or 4-wire connection or via transmitter. A loop power supply is available for each analog or pulse input.

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  • Lợi ích

    • Calculation of the following applications:
      Steam mass, steam heat quantity, net steam quantity, steam-heat differential, water heat quantity, water heat differential

    • Simultaneous calculation of up to three applications per device

    • Bi-directional flow...

  • Phạm vi ứng dụng

    • Energy management

    • Chemical industry

    • Heating and air conditioning

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    • Food and beverage

    • Plant and panel manufacture

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  • Measuring principle

    Energy manager

  • Measuring principle


  • Function

    Steam and water balancing for industrial energy management

  • Calculations

    heat quantity

    heat quantity difference

  • Number of applications


  • Data storage


  • Calculation standards


  • Communication

    1 x RS232

    2 x RS485



    Modbus RTU

  • Power supply

    Not defined

  • Loop power supply

    90...250V AC 50/60 Hz

    20...28V AC 50/60 Hz

    20...36V DC

  • Protection class


  • Input

    2...6x RTD

    2...8x I

    2...8x PFM

    2...8x Impulse (aktive)

    2...8x Impulse (passive)

  • Output

    3...9x transmitter power supply

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)

    135 x 108 x 114 mm (5.32" x 4.25" x 4.49")

  • Operation

    Soft keys RS232 and operation software ReadWin 2000

  • Display

    Dot-Matrix LCD, backlit, colour change in case of alarm event

  • Software functions

    International calculation standards for steam and water

  • Certificates


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