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Transparency is essential for all calibrated instruments

Life sciences company achieves actionable outcomes from calibration results

Calibration analysis is important for every plant operator in the life sciences, to help them find new insights and achieve actionable outcomes. Thanks to Endress+Hauser's in-depth consultancy and recommendations for corrective and preventive actions, a global player in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry can now optimise risk, cost and reliability in its Indian production facility.

Measurement performance analysis report ©Endress+Hauser

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimized risk, cost and reliability in production facility based on in-depth consultancy

  • Well-informed decisions that comply with all relevant quality and safety requirements

  • A comprehensive overview of calibration results with actionable outcomes

  • Internal and external stakeholders get proof that calibration requirements have been met

The challenge

The goal of the customer, a well-known company in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, was to improve its measurement accuracy in one of its sites in India. In order to achieve this goal, the analysis of calibration data was identified as key.

Our solution

Endress+Hauser conducted a measurement performance analysis. This service provides transparency and insights into the calibration results to identify issues and the potential for improvement. This way the reports of the last calibration are not only used to generate the calibration certificate, but turned into a detailed analysis.

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