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On the trail of orthophosphate

White Paper on measurement of orthophosphate in municipal wastewater treatment plants

The aeration tank of a sewage treatment plant. ©Endress+Hauser

What are the legal requirements for limit and control values for total phosphate at the outfall of wastewater treatment plants? Which options do wastewater treatment plant operators have to react with appropriate measurement and control technology? And how do the yellow method and the blue method differ in phosphate determination?

Find out the answers to these questions in this white paper. It summarizes everything we need to know about orthophosphate measurement in municipal wastewater treatment plants. The white paper shows the journey of phosphorus in its various fractions through the wastewater treatment plant with an illustration of the techniques for phosphorus removal.

Determination of orthophosphate with CA80PH

Concerning measuring technology, the white paper shows that an online analyzer that determines orthophosphate using the blue method in accordance with the DIN standard is capable of identifying events and dynamic changes in phosphate removal swiftly and precisely. As a result, it is virtually predestined to provide the operator with the exact data needed to monitor compliance with legal requirements and to be able in future to record even low orthophosphate concentrations with high precision.

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