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Industrial Ethernet Training


PROFINET the latest technological trend in factory and process automation

Ethernet is the next generation of industrial networks which is now entering with the protocols PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP the field device level.
Further developments of the product portfolio and a new way of field communication is going to change the tasks, you are facing in the future.
Follow the latest developments and learn about the new possibilities and advantages of Ethernet entering the field level in the Endress+Hauser PROFINET training.

Lợi ích

  • Be prepared for and confident about your tasks

  • Gain practical experience and exchange your experiences

  • Be up to date with the latest developments

  • Enhance your career with the step-by-step training schedule

  • Improve the quality of your work and exceed your customers' expectations!

Certified PROFINET Engineer for the PA Industry

2,5-days class

Course content

In this international certified and worldwide recognized training, vendor independent, you will learn how the PROFINET technology works in detail. From the working principle of the network components to the setup of a PROFINET application you learn how to maximize the possibilities and to be aware of the limiting factors.

  • Basics about Industrial Ethernet

  • PROFINET network design and configuration with a special focus on the Process Automation Industry

  • Device integration and parameterization (FDI, DTM, EDD Technologies)

  • Device replacement strategies

  • The PROFINET Profile 4.02

  • Latest PROFINET tools on the market

  • Troubleshooting procedures and maintenance

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