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Simplified inline quality control of disinfectants, alcohol and sugar in F&B

The latest instrumentation technology eases concentration measurement

You think inline quality control in Food & Beverage processes could be simplified?
If so, we recommend to join our short online seminar about latest measurement technology in combination with latest software.
In the online seminar we will show how Food & Beverage customers will have less effort with
- the control of their inline cleaning processes
- concentration measurement of alcohol in liquor, by simultaneous sugar measurement
- sugar/°Brix concentration measurement in soft drinks, even with fluctuating acid content
Join us to discover more!

Ngày tháng
Thời gian
02:00 CH - 03:00 CH ICT
Ngôn ngữ đề nghị
Tiếng Anh


    APS_22_Online seminar_Concentration measurement_Teqwave H_Presentation.pdf