Point level detection
Nivotester FTL325N

Nivotester FTL325N ©Endress+Hauser
Nivotester FTL325N ©Endress+Hauser

Switching unit with NAMUR input for rail mounting or single installation

Nivotester FTL325N is a switching unit for point level detection in liquid tanks, also in hazardous explosion areas. Also suitable for overfill prevention in tanks with combustible or non-combustible liquids harmful to water. Two-point control and point level detection. The perfect fit for applications in safety related systems with requirements for functional safety up to SIL2 in accordance to IEC 61508 /IEC 61511 using Liquiphant with electronic insert FEL56 or FEL58.

  • Lợi ích

    • Nivotester FTL325N for connecting one, two or three measuring cells (1-, 2- or 3-channel devices)

    • Intrinsically safe signal circuits Ex ia for use of measuring sensor in explosion hazardous areas

    • Functional safety up to SIL2 through line monitoring

    • DIN...

  • Phạm vi ứng dụng

    Switching unit with NAMUR input for rail mounting or single installation.

    • Ambient temperature: -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)

    • International explosion protection certificates, overfill prevention WHG, marine approvals

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