Radar measurement
Micropilot FMR530

Micropilot FMR530 ©Endress+Hauser

Time-of-Flight measuring principle

For custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals

The Micropilot FMR530 is used for highly accurate non-contact level measurement in storage tanks and can be applied in custody transfer applications. It meets the relevant requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B. The FMR530 free space radar offers cost-effective and simple installation via 4-wire cable with HART and
24 V DC intrinsically safe power supply.

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  • Lợi ích

    • 0.5mm accuracy (2σ value)

    • National approvals (NMi, PTB) for custody transfer

    • Applicable as stand-alone system or integrated tank gauging systems via the Tank Side Monitor NRF590

    • Easy on-site operation via menu-driven alphanumeric display

    • Easy commissioning...

  • Phạm vi ứng dụng

    With horn antenna suitable for free space applications (up to 25m) that disallow the use of a parabolic antenna due to tank/nozzle geometry.

    • Process connection: Flange

    • Temperature: -40 to +200°C (-40 to +392°F)

    • Pressure: -1 to +64bar (-14.5 to +928psi)

    • ...

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  • Measuring principle

    Level radar

  • Supply / Communication

    4-wire (HART)

  • Frequency

    C-band (~6 GHz)

  • Accuracy

    +/- 1 mm

  • Ambient temperature

    -40 °C ... 80 °C
    (-40 °F ... 176 °F)
    For calibration to regulatory standards:
    -25 °C ... 60 °C
    (-13 °F ... 131 °F)

  • Process temperature

    -40 °C ... 200 °C
    (-40 °F ... 392 °F)

  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    Vacuum ... 64 bar
    (Vacuum ... 580 psi)

  • Main wetted parts


  • Process connection

    DN150 ... DN250 /3" ... 10"

  • Application

  • Max. measurement distance

  • Radar_Mediengruppe_en.jpg
  • Communication

    4 ... 20 mA HART

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Safety approvals

    Overfill prevention WHG

  • Marine approval

    GL/ ABS

  • Application limits

Tài liệu / Tài liệu hướng dẫn / Phần mềm

Phụ kiện / Phụ tùng thay thế

Order code
  • 25
    • Nr 25 Order code 518710-0020

      Cover T3/T12 Alu, coated, gasket

      Material: aluminium, coated. O-ring EPDM. Usage: FMR230/FMR231,FMR240/FMR244/ FMR245, FMR250, FMR530/FMR531/FMR532/ FMR533, FMR540, FMU40/FMU41/FMU42.

  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 52005936

      Cover F12/T12 Alu, window, gasket

      Material: aluminium. Usage: VU331, housing F12/T12, Micropilot M/S, Prosonic M, Levelflex M.

  • 11
  • 35
  • 40
  • 30
  • 55
  • 65
    • Nr 65 Order code 52005628

      Sealing kit FMR5xx

      Consists of: 5x O-ring 49.21x3.53 EPDM. 5x O-ring 113.9x3.63 EPDM. 5x O-ring 72.0x3.0 EPDM.

    • Order code 52007646

      Tool for unplugging the antenna cable

      Usage: Micropilot M/Micropilot S.

    • Order code 71006590

      HF-test cable 6GHz

      Coax cable. Usage: FMR230/FMR231, FMR530/FMR531/FMR532/FMR533, FMR540. Dummy antenna.

    • Order code 71007843

      ToF Adapter FXA291

      Usage: connection Micropilot M, Micropilot S, Levelflex M, Prosonic M, Tank Side Monitor, Deltabar S, Cerabar S, Gammapilot M, Micropilot I, to Commubox FXA291.

    • Order code 71067434

      Modification name plate, non Ex

      Blank. To fill in the new order code when a non Ex instrument has been modified. Usage: FMB50/FMB51/FMB52, FMR230/FMR231, FMR240/FMR244/FMR245, FMR250,FMR530/FMR532,FTL50/FTL50H/FTL51/ FTL51C/FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/ FTL85, NMR81, PMC51, PMC71, PMP51/PMP55.

    • Order code 52028063

      HF-test cable 6GHz + resistor

      Coax cable. Termination resistor / connection piece. Usage: FMR530/FMR532/FMR533, FMR540. Dummy antenna.

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